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Tony Woodside

Measurements of Stan's Resonant Cavity & VIC Transformer

VIC Circuit PCB Layout

VIC Circuit PCB Layout Files (Eagle CAD 5.10.0)

VIC Circuit Schematic PDF

Stanley Meyer

Stanley Meyer Original Data From Estate (1.21 GB)

Stanley Meyer Schematics - Plate & Tube Array, 9XA, 9XG, Rotary VIC, and 8XA Circuit.

Stanley Meyer Schematics - (4-2) VIC Amplitude Control, (4-5) Resonant Pulse Frequency Inject Circuit, (4-14) Digital Booster Switch Circuit, (4-20) Primary Voltage Amplitude/Gate Control, (4-30) Digital Pulse Width Control.

Hydrogen Fracturing Process on How To Use Voltage To Stimulate The Water Molecule To Produce Atomic Rocket-Fuel On Demand

WFC: Dublin Institute of Technology

International Independent Test Evaluation Report

Stanley Meyer - Electronics World Article

Dr. Nieper's Letter to Stanley Meyer

Electrically Induced Explosions in Water

WFC Public Notice To Inform

The Birth of New Technology

Stanley Meyer - WFC Dealership Manual

US4826581 - Controlled Process For The Production Of Thermal Energy From Gases

US4613779 - Electrical Pulse Generator

US4613304 - Electrical Hydrogen Generator

US4798661 - Gas Generator Voltage Control Circuit

US4421474 - Hydrogen Gas Burner

US4389981 - Hydrogen Gas Injector System For Internal Combustion Engine

US4275950 - Light Guide Lens

US4936961 - Method For The Production Of A Fuel Gas

US4265224 - Multi Stage Solar Storage System

US5149407 - Process & Apparatus For The Production Of Fuel Gas

US3970070 - Solar Heating System

US4465455 - Startup Shutdown For A Hydrogen Gas Burner

CA1213671A1 - Electrical Particle Generator

CA1227094A1 - Hydrogen Air & Non-Combustible Gas Mixing Combustion System

CA1228833A1 - Gas Electrical Hydrogen Generator

CA1231872A1 - Hydrogen Injection System

CA1233379A1 - Hydrogen Gas Injection for Internal Combustion Engine

CA1234773A1 - Resonant Cavity Hydrogen Generator That Operates with a Pulsed Voltage Electrical Potential

CA1234774A1 - Hydrogen Generator System

CA1235669A1 - Controlled Hydrogen Gas Flame

CA2067735A1 - Water Fuel Injection System

EP0086439A1 - Hydrogen Gas Injection System for Internal Combustion Engine

EP0086439B1 - Hydrogen Gas Injection System for Internal Combustion Engine

EP0098897A2 - Electrical Generator Utilizing Magnetized Particles

EP0098897A3 - Electrical Generator Utilizing Magnetized Particles

EP0101761A2 - Controlled Hydrogen Gas Flame

EP0101761A3 - Controlled Hydrogen Gas Flame

EP0101761B1 - Controlled Hydrogen Gas Flame

EP0103656A2 - Resonant Cavity for a Hydrogen Generator

EP0103656A3 - Resonant Cavity for a Hydrogen Generator

EP0106917A1 - Gas Electrical Hydrogen Generator

EP0111573A1 - Hydrogen Generator System

EP0111574A1 - Hydrogen Aeration Injection System

EP0111574B1 - Hydrogen Aeration Injection System

EP0122472A2 - Hydrogen Aeration Injection System

EP0122472A3 - Hydrogen Aeration Injection System

EP0333854A4 - Hydrogen Aeration Injection System

EP0381722A4 - Hydrogen Aeration Injection System









WO8901464A3 - Controlled Process for the Production of Thermal Energy from Gases & Apparatus Useful Therefore

WO8912704A1 - Process & Apparatus for The Production of Fuel Gas & Enhanced Release of Thermal Energy

WO9207861A1 - A Control & Driver Circuits For A Hydrogen Gas Fuel Producing Cell

WO9208046A1 - Hydrogen Gas Fuel & Management System For An Internal Combustion Engine

WO9222679A1 - Water Fuel Injection System

WFC News Letter No 1

WFC News Letter No 2

WFC News Letter No 3

WFC News Letter No 4

WFC News Letter No 5

WFC News Letter No 6

WFC News Letter No 7

WFC News Letter No 8

WFC News Letter No 9

WFC News Letter No 10

WFC News Letter No 11

Stephen Meyer

US Patent-20050246059 - MLS-Hydroxyl Filling Station

Andrija Puharich

US Patent 4394230 - Method & Apparatus For Splitting Water Molecules

Andrija Puharich - Elf Magnetic Model of Matter and Mind

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